Sacred Land

A ritual act, to recall the man’s dried up heart to his own roots and get in touch with the lost link between the human being and the earth, constituted and originated by the same matter itself.
A feminine figure, on behalf of the Mankind, accompanied by verses from “The Waste Land” by Thomas Eliot, and a heap of soil – that owns the beginning and the end of life – laid at the centre of a white plate evoking our planet, the “environment”, from the French word “environ”, literally “enclosing in a circle”.
The Mankind went far from the Earth, both physically and spiritually, and forgot to be part of it causing a deep wound. You need to get back and seek the lost seed, deeply immerse in there, get dirty and transfigure.
Guided by the breath’s rhythm, the woman directs her glance as in search of the ancient confidence, her feet trace grooves, hands and arms raise the Earth up again and again to gather it together, to tame it, till to mould the shape of a human body, that slowly takes shape to symbolically expresses the stubborn intent of refounding the human being’s identity inside a love relation with the Earth.
Breath harmonizes inner and outer, spirit and matter, Mankind and Earth, as well as the water, with its
sacred pouring on the moulded shape, sanctions a ritual rebirth.


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